Enchant World is a compilation of listener submissions and interviews featuring members of the Magic the Gathering community. While the topics of discussion may vary with each episode, the overall goal remains the same: to share the perspectives and experiences of people with different backgrounds with the community as a whole.

The idea for this show came up during an off-air discussion among the Monday Night Magic hosts. A recent community event brought up the topic of how the experiences of female Magic the Gathering players differed from male Magic the Gathering players. Articles were written, Tweets were tweeted, and opinions were flying left and right with increased vitriol and elevated rhetoric spread throughout what should have been a civil discourse.

As Monday Night Magic is a news podcast, the hosts fell into the awkward situation of determining how to address this topic and others like it. On the one hand, the event spawned from posts on an independent website and did not involve the card game or its creators Wizards of the Coast directly, so it was outside of our normal coverage purview. On the other, it was a very emotional issue that impacted community morale and pulled focus on an issue that some of us felt an obligation to address as one of the channels through which public opinion was informed. In the end, we reported on the events that occurred and tried to minimize our personal editorials to avoid fanning flames or taking up soapboxes.

William Bloodworth, more commonly known in the community as Squee or simply Bill, decided that the best way to address these sorts of situations in the future would be to provide a new podcast with the focus on increasing communication on community issues and experiences. In order to avoid becoming a soap box, the format would instead consist of a compilation of community-submitted audio representing a variety of opinions, with a heavier emphasis on editorial oversight than traditional hosting.

The goal is to draw attention to both the good and bad experiences of players of all demographics and focus on building empathy rather than simply debating and defeating opposing views. The only way to “win” in this is to learn what we’re doing right, improve on what we’re doing wrong, and do what we can to ensure that everyone is enjoying the same positive Magic the Gathering experience.