William Bloodworth, known more commonly to the Magic the Gathering community as Squee or simply Bill, is a life-long nerd with a variety of passions. Prior to picking up Magic, he went deep with the usual assortment of video games, cartoons, movies, and other nerd culture staples. His deepest passion is arguably anime, which he first discovered in 8th grade and since ran the full gamut from acquiring a collection, dabbling in cosplay, and both attending and staffing conventions for more than 15 years.

He tapped his first lands in college when his roommate needed someone to play with. Initially only playing with cards owned by friends, William eventually picked up a used collection and then grew it, with his first purchases being a Coldsnap fatpack and booster box. His first formal event was a regional Future Sight prerelease and he’s been invested in the game ever since. He’s primarily a limited player, with his greatest accomplishment to date being 3rd place in a Khans of Tarkir PTQ.

He met a guy named Mike during his senior year of college, which was at a time when he went by “Bill” to avoid confusion with his roommate “Will,” and ultimately Mike led him to recurring guest appearances on a casual Magic podcast called The Mana Pool. After a few years of regular posting on its online forum, he took on the Twitter name @SqueeGoblnNabob and began tweeting in-character largely as a way to pass the time. In February of 2014, he joined Monday Night Magic as one of the regular hosts.

William has a B.A. in Mass Media Communication and a firm belief that most social problems result from differing perspectives on complex issues that could be resolved through a balance of empathy and a willingness to compromise. Enchant World is his attempt to foster these critical tools within the Magic the Gathering community and promote an environment of inclusive diversity.