Taking a Break

Art by Kev Walker

Life gets busy. Money’s tight. Your playgroup breaks up or moves away. Something else catches your interest. You’ve faced one too many Counter Tops and you’ve just had enough.

These are just a few of the many valid reasons why people take breaks from Magic. As an often expensive and time consuming hobby that generally involves some social coordination, it isn’t surprising that most players take one or several breaks from the game from time to time. Some people walk away forever, but many take some time to focus on other things and eventually a new set catches their eye, a friend picks up the game, or simple nostalgia pulls them back in.

Interestingly enough, however, the community of social media, podcasts, Vorthos storyline enthusiasts, and general fandom also results in people who don’t actively play the game but still keep up with it. I’ve spoken to many podcasters and social media participants who consider the time they set aside for talking about the game to be an end in and of itself. Some people play only in prereleases, others don’t play at all but still want to keep up with what’s going on to preserve the sense of community that they associate with the game even while not actively participating in it.

For this episode, I want to talk about how you stay in touch with the game when you’re more or less on a break. You can share your reasons for stepping away or for coming back if you like, but it’s perfectly fine to simply say that you had to step away but you still kept up through hanging out at the store on Fridays or by reading articles online. Magic has grown far beyond simply a game we play, so let’s talk about what we get out it away from the battlefield.

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