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This episode explores what a Magic event might be like if it weren’t centered around a tournament. Rather than gathering a variety of submissions, this time we’ve got an interview with Christine Sprankle (@CSprankleRun), who brings to the table her experiences as someone who attends tournaments without participating in the competition. Rather than focusing on her cosplay hobby, Christine shares what she enjoys about conventions and how she thinks these elements could be utilized in a convention centered around Magic: the Gathering. Through the course of this discussion, we touch on what non-competitive fans of the game might look for in an event and reflect on some of the limitations inherent in a tournament-based gathering.

Content note: At one point in this episode, we discuss age-restricted panels at conventions. There’s no explicit content, but you’ll get a few words you can’t say on television due to the nature of the discussion. This episode is tagged explicit for that reason.

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The music featured in this episode comes from the album Bridges of the South, released by Cousin Silas and Black Hill under the creative commons Attribution-non commerical license. The introduction and interview transition segments feature clips taken from the song “South”. The music that plays at the end is called “Bridges.”

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  1. On the subject of women’s outfits in Magic mostly not being ridiculous: I heard somewhere (but don’t remember where, so can’t promise it’s true) that they have an explicit rule about that. Women in Magic art can be overtly sexy if and only if they’re also kicking ass. No passive eye candy. I’m not sure whether the rule applies to male characters — looking at you, Tasigur and Victor.

    I didn’t respond to the original poll because I didn’t have much by way of ideas for what I’d want at a Magic con, but listening to the podcast gave me a few more. You alluded to game shows, and trivia would be a great one with how much history the game has. I’d absolutely love to see live episodes of some of my favorite podcasts (and the casters themselves would be a huge draw). There’s also a lot of chances for education! Dedicated newbie classes for people who don’t play or don’t play much (say, the friends and family who got dragged along to the con …), clinics for limited and brewing, hell, even judge classes. We already have those, it would be cool to do it at a big event where people could get a taste and see if they might want to try judging. (There’s actually a Judge Booth project designed for this, which has gone to some big tournaments already!)

    I’m not sure why you feel like there needs to be more buy-in before someone makes this happen. I’d bet anything there’s enough people interested to support a first one, and then everyone who doesn’t get it will see what they’re missing. 🙂

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