Removed From Game

Art by John Avon

Hobbies and fandoms of all sort have conventions, festivals, and large-scale social events filled with costumes, celebrity guests, and scheduled programming. But what about Magic? For a game with “gathering” in its name, Magic is perhaps surprisingly limited to a largely tournament-driven subculture. Whether it’s local game stores with leagues and prereleases or major tournaments that draw in people from far and wide, Magic seem inherently tied to competition and playing of the game itself.

But does it have to be? As a game with a story, vibrant characters, an active online social community, and a rich history, is it that much of a stretch to imagine a world where Magic hosts conventions or festivals that aren’t centered around a high-stakes tournament?

Based on other conventions and events, what sorts of things would you look for in a Magic convention? Would there be cosplayers? Songs and dance? Celebrity guests? Flavor contests and trivia battles? Would there be panels on various elements of the game, the world, and the life that its players lead?

For this episode, I want to hear what you’d like to see and what it would take to get you to attend an event that isn’t centered around a tournament. Ignore costs and other logistics, for now I’d just like to hear your dreams.

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