New Worlds

The quarterly release of new Magic sets is a key element in keeping Magic: the Gathering accessible to new players and prodigal gamers alike. Veterans and newcomers alike can experience brand new cards for the first time at their local prerelease, which gathers players of all skill levels in a low-stress exploration tournament. Even if you’ve already seen the whole card image gallery on the official website, you won’t really know what to expect until you sit down with the cards in hand.

For this episode, which I hope to make a recurring segment, I’d like to hear about your prerelease event experience. To clarify, i’m not looking for what cards you thought were amazing or for a rundown of your tournament matches. Rather, I want to know about what made it fun. I want to hear about how well your local store reacted to any special event gimmicks, about the new person who was welcomed into the fold, and about the interplay between players of all backgrounds at the most level playing field we’re likely to ever get. I want to hear stories of inclusion, but also if you’ve found someone who has had a negative experience I want to know what went wrong and what you feel can be done to avoid these problems in the future. Above all else, I want to know what made your prerelease memorable.

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