Harrowing Journey

Art by James Paick

Magic tournaments aren’t always down the street. When the event you’ve set your sights on is a few hours, a state, or even across the country or beyond, well, you hit the road. If you spend enough time around the tournament scene, you’ll hear stories of players traveling to prereleases, PTQs, Grand Prix challenges, and other events, which often involves a road trip or a flight across great distances. In many cases, the tournament itself is simply the catalyst for a weekend adventure among friends, one filled with battles for control of the car radio, stops in restaurants and tourist traps of unknown quality, and above all absurd conversations that can only come up when you’re in a confined space with a group of people equally devoted to a fantasy card game.

For this episode, I want to hear your road trip stories. Tell us about the crazy things that happened outside of the tournament, the sights scene and stories you’d normally bring up whenever you want explain in-jokes, nicknames, and arguments over the best pizza toppings.

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