Across the Æther

Art by Jung Park

Social media is undeniably the largest and most immediately accessible branch of the Magic community. Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Reddit, Tumblr, and nearly every other buzz word of the 21st century social media landscape offers instant access to a global network of Magic: the Gathering fans. Whether you’re looking to grow as a player or discuss the storyline while reviewing previews of the next set, you’re going to find yourself surrounded by a sea of Planeswalkers.

For this episode, I want to hear about your experiences with the online community, specifically within the context of how it differs from your interactions with your local playgroups and tournament scenes. Has having quick Twitter access to the people who make the game and the ones who play it on the highest level impacted your views on the game and its players? Do you feel part of a greater community or does the scale and volume of all of the noise make you feel more isolated than ever? This is an incredibly broad topic, so feel free to submit multiple stories as I’ll certainly be doing more with this topic than one episode could hope to cover.

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