1 / 2 First Impressions

For this first episode, I reached out and asked for stories on the topic of “First Impressions.” Whether they’re your first encounter with the game itself, meeting a new community, or coming back after an extended absence, you’re going to make important decisions based on these experiences.

Special thanks to Codey, Evan, Dave, Rachel, and Koty for contributing.

Contact information

Twitter: @SqueeGoblnNabob
Email: Planeswalker.Squee@gmail.com
Website: www.enchantworld.com
iTunes Link: Preview
Direct Download: Episode 001 – First Impressions

Featured Music
The music featured in this episode comes from the album Bridges of the South, released by Cousin Silas and Black Hill under the creative commons Attribution-non commerical license. The introduction and transition segments feature clips taken from the song “South”. The music that plays at the end is called “Unspoken.”


  1. I really liked hearing the other stories, and I hope more people send some too! I think this is a great idea Squee, and I’m very impressed with the execution. ^_^

  2. Love the format. Really enjoyed the different stories. Your segues are short and informative without being distracting or subtracting from the flow. Excellent work Mr. Goblin, sir!

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