It’s Alive!

Art by Jason Felix

Welcome to the long-promised website for the Enchant World podcast! As you can see, there’s a lot going on, so I’ve tried to categorize content with familiar color codes. Here’s the quick tour:


Episodes of the podcast appear as white cards. You can find a full listing by clicking Episodes at the top.

Upcoming Topics

Upcoming Topics appear as blue cards. These are topics that I’ll be exploring in upcoming episodes, so start here if you’re looking to submit your experiences.


News posts appear as black cards. They handle the day to day updates of the website. You’re looking at one right now!


Announcements appear as red cards. These are like news posts, only they’re timely and will be rendered moot once a given deadline is past, such as upcoming events or last calls for upcoming topics.


Links to other websites appear as green cards. As a community-focused podcast, I will try to provide additional resources and views beyond the ones I host myself.

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