Art by Mark Poole

If you’ve ever attended a Magic: the Gathering event, you may have noticed a bit of homogeneity with the fanbase. While the predominant demographic of players may vary from one community to another, there’s usually a general combination of age, race, gender, and other traits that establish a norm within a community. Magic players may attempt to be an inclusive group, but unconscious behaviors, unfortunate word choices, and in unfortunate cases deliberate actions can result in someone feeling unwelcome.

For this episode, I’d like to hear from people who for one reason or another deviate from the norms of their local community. I want to know what you’ve experienced that has made you feel unwelcome, or likewise what people have done to make you feel more welcome. The goal here isn’t to complain so much as explain and share what can be done to make the game as inclusive as possible.

If you fall into your local majority, I’d also like to hear about what you’ve seen in your shop and what you or your peers have done to make things better. This is also an excellent time to share any experiences where you’ve seen behavior that you don’t know how to address, as we can work together to find solutions.

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